Pintiplan: unique Pins and tips, fascinating Plans.


Create your own experience and share it with anyone you like

An amazing restaurant? A dream creek? A cool shop? A charming hotel? Collect all these places (Pins), complete them with useful Tips and make them a unique Plan for you, your friends or the entire world.

Enjoy the best plan wherever you are.

You arrive at a site and don’t know what to see, where to eat, where to buy, where… whatever? Your friends and the people who passed around there can suggest you their favorite places (Pins) and advice (Tips) using Pintiplan. Find always the best options in your area anywhere in the world.


Your own reliable tourist guide.

Planning a getaway? Check out Plans and Pins from friends who have been there and read his Tips. Or better yet, when you arrive at your destination, create your own Plan from there. And very important, don’t you forget to add Tips that you discover!

Follow your favorite Pintiplanners.

Do you like a Pin or Plan recommended by someone? Add it to your profile and share it with whoever you want. You can also follow your favorite Pintiplanners so you don’t miss their news.


Surprise your friends with the best ideas.

Because you know, better than anyone else, the preferences of the people you care about. Send them that new Pin you have just discovered. Surprise them with Pintiplan!

Much more than a leisure plans app.

Pintiplan suits your own tastes, use your experience and your friends, to create a multimedia story with the best proposals for gastronomy, hotels, shops, sports… because the best Tips and the most reliable opinions are from people of your circle of trust: your friends.